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Facts and Myths

  • Ruling on approving an adoptee's petition to gain access to adoption records
         Judge Wade S. Weatherford, Jr -  SC Seventh Judicial Circuit Court

Ruling on approving an adoptee’s petition to gain access to adoption records by Judge Wade S. Weatherford, Jr. Resident Judge, Seventh Judicial Circuit Court, South Carolina. Bradey v. Children’s Bureau of South Carolina, (Spartanburg County, S.C., Ct. C.P., Apr. 9, 1979), rev’d, 275 S.C. 622, 174 S.E. 2nd 418 (1981).:

“ The law must be consonant with life. It cannot and should not ignore broad historical currents of history. Mankind is possessed of no greater urge than to try to understand the age-old questions: “Who am I” “Why am I?” Even now the sands and ashes of the continents are being sifted to find where we made our first step as man. Religions of mankind often include ancestor worship in one way or another. For many the future is blind without a sight of the past. Those emotions and anxieties that generate our thirst to know the past are not superficial and whimsical. They are real and they are “good cause” under the law of man and God.”
The petition is conditionally granted.
April 9, 1979
Resident Judge, Seventh Judicial
Circuit Court, South Carolina

If the adoptee is able to get any background info, the medical history is usually as old as when the adoption occurred. 

  • Adoption vs. Abortion Myths Debunked in Letter to a Student  -   pdf reader
    (PRWEB) April 19, 2004--If you think abortion is an emotional subject, try speaking honestly about adoption! An adoptee who speaks up with anything less than glowing terms about adoption or even mentions the mother who gave her up is frequently told she is being selfish and inconsiderate of the wonderful people who adopted her. And as for a natural mother? How dare she even make her presence known after what she did! ..............


  • Access to Identifying Information
    One of the key adoption policy issues over the past several years has been the extent to which members of the adoption triad should have access to identifying information. The debate has raged both nationally - with the proposal currently pending in Congress for a National Voluntary Reunion Registry - and at the state level where bills are being introduced to allow adopted adults to obtain their original birth certificates ...........


  • Abortion Rates are Lower in Open Record States
    The abortion rates for Alaska and Kansas are both LESS than the rate than for the United States as a whole -- 19.4 and 12.7 abortions respectively , by residents, divided by numbers of women aged 15-44, in thousands. The national abortion rate was 25.8, while the rates for surrounding states were 21.9 for Colorado, 17.0 for Missouri, 13.9 for Nebraska, and 12.7 for Oklahoma.
    The National Center for Court Statistics reported that the 1992 rate of adoptions per thousand live births were 31.2 nationally, 53.5 in Alaska and 48.4 in Kansas, two open records states, but lower in surrounding states with sealed records laws (CO, 26 .0; MO, 27.5; NE, 42.4; and OK 47.6). [Source: Flango & Flango, National Center for Court Statistics, "How Many Children Were Adopted in 1992," 74 Child Welfare 1018, 1021-22 (1995)].   ..............


  • Lifelong Issues in Adoption
    Discusses how adoption is a lifelong, intergenerational process that unites the triad of birth families, adoptees, and adoptive families............



  • States with Open Records
    Alabama - Release of OBC
    Alaska - Open Records
    Kansas - Open Records
    Maine - Release of the OBC
    New Hampshire - Release of OBC
    Oregon   Release of OBC
    Tennessee (Contact Veto)
    Delaware  (Disclosure Veto)

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