South Carolina
Adoption Reform
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For several past years legislation has been filed in S.C. for adoptees to be able to   obtain their original birth certificates; however the bill never got to be voted on. The legislative body needs to hear from us the voters, interested parties regarding the need of equal rights for adoptees.

Our hope is to educate the lawmakers into realizing  these are needs adoptees have   to complete their medical for our children and our lives that the state is not able to provide with information other than as old as the adoptee's file is.

The state - Department of Social Services - only keeps records of adoption that went thru their facility.   If an attorney, or agency adoption - there is not a guarantee that the adoptee will be able to get any information.

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When a bill is filed regarding adoption records it will be assigned
to the Judicary Committee:    These are the members of the committee that will first have to approve the bill before it goes for a vote in front of the house and senate.

Senate Judicary Committee:

House Judicary Committee:


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