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Fundamental right to know: Judge Wade S. Weatherford, Jr., Seventh Judicial Circuit Court, SC, said in a ruling on an adoptee’s petition to gain access to adoption records: "Mankind is possessed of no greater urge than to try to understand the age-old question: ’Who am I?’ ’Why am I?’... Those emotions and anxieties that generate our thirst to know the past are not superficial and whimsical. They are real and they are ’good cause’ under the law of man and God."

It is the civil and human right of ALL ADOPTED ADULTS to have access to their original birth record.

Adoption Records have been closed since 1963 in South Carolina.

The state only has records of adoptions that went thru the Department of Social Services.

What does this mean to adoptees?  How does an adoptee get their current medical information? What if the adoption was not done by DSS.

Department of Social Services of S C will only reunite the adoptee and birth parent are registered with the state.  Other Agencies  have their own registries and both parties have to register an affidavit of consent at the discretion of the chief executive officer of the agency.  What if the other party is deceased?   How do we get current medical?

When an agency or attorney closes their business, there is not a statute that the files be retained or turned over to the state or how long the file has to be kept by the attorney or agency as the state only keeps records for the adoptions they handle.

Current Genetic and Medical information is impossible to obtain without contacting the birth family.
Adoptees are not entitled to the same civil rights as other citizens that know their heritage and medical background.  The need for medical information  is imperative for adoptees and their children. 

Adoptees work, vote, fight for our country and pay taxes.  The adult adoptee is not a child
It is important that a distinction is made that we are not considered "Children/minors/or an adopted child" under the law.

It is the civil and human right of ALL ADOPTED ADULTS to have access to their original birth record.

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Would your speak with your Senator and Representative regarding the needs of adoptees to have access to their birth information.

The release of the original birth certificate will make equal access to all adoptees.

There will also be the issue of privacy to the birth mother that will arise, so a contact preference may be necessary - such as the law that passed in Oregon.

Our goal is to educate the lawmakers the needs adoptees age 21 or over access to their original birth certificate and to open the original birth certificate to the adoptee.  

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States with Open Records:

States with Open Records
Alabama - Release of OBC
Alaska - Open Records
Delaware - OBC open at age 21 if not denied
Illinois - Release of OBC
Kansas - Open Records
Maine - Release of the OBC
New Hampshire - Release of OBC
Oregon   Release of OBC
Tennessee (Contact Veto)
Delaware  (Disclosure Veto)

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